New Releases consists of the latest acquisitions to the VDB collections, be they contemporary works by artists, titles that are newly-preserved or edited that are now being made available to audiences, or recently released DVD Box Sets or compilations.


Hans Breder


2014 | 00:29:00

My TV Dictionary: The Drill (1986) translated through digital filtering in 2014.

Hans Breder

the passage

2009 | 00:21:00

The passage from Germany to the United States influenced by moments lived during WWII era Germany.

My TV Dictionary: The Drill is one of several video works Breder created by re-editing recorded footage from cable television movies. This video conveys the violent and sexist subtext of…

Hans Breder

Percussion Piece

1973 | 00:09:00

The body as a percussive instrument.

Performers: Ellen Krueger & Monica Wilson

“The images mix fragments of the real and imaginary in a hermetic effort to express the [Breder's] quest for a visual text that is at once personal reflection and cultural criticism. ” - John…

Cheri Mcelligott performance documentation.

Hans Breder

Ursonate 1986

1986 | 00:30:00

Ursonate 1986 is the result of a transference process which utilizes computer and video technology to transport a 1932 phonetic poem, Ursonate, by the German artist Kurt…

Addressing the tear that Lucio Fontana cut in the canvases of his Spatial Concepts, the performer, Russ Nordman, rejoins and repairs the split screen.

Based on a painting depicting St. Bernard receiving milk from a statue of the Virgin Mary.


Words: Donald Kuspit

Performer: Heidi Bartlett

Sound/Camera: Hans…

Hans Breder

words ending

2014 | 00:20:00

Breder painted the words of Donald Kuspit’s poem in white on scraps of paper and then floated them down Old Man’s Creek, the site of many legendary Intermedia performances near Iowa City. As the…

Hans Breder

tlocalula (blue)

2016 | 00:13:30

This is a later reworking of original video documenting the goings-on of the village, Tlocalula, Mexico in 1973.

Originally commissioned by University of Dortmund to be installed during Internationalen Bach-Symposium. The video is based on the Robert Schumann song of the same name and continued to evolve as…