New Releases consists of the latest acquisitions to the VDB collections, be they contemporary works by artists, titles that are newly-preserved or edited that are now being made available to audiences, or recently released DVD Box Sets or compilations.


Forever pulsing, a severed hand bobs along a shoreline in this meditation on the atrocities of the early 1990s Rwandan civil war. The all-caps title says it all, loudly and poetically.

Hans Breder


1967 | 00:07:00

Animation of a 1967 constructivist sculpture by Hans Breder.

Hans Breder


1984 | 00:09:00

Documentation of the installation The Future of Metropolis at Technical University in Berlin, Germany.

Hans Breder

through the glass

1973 | 00:07:30

Performers throw themselves into an underground passageway. They exit through the mirror, a symmetrical mirror world which exists because of the placement and angle of the mirror as an upside-down…

Hans Breder


1980 | 00:02:30

This interview with a Mexican squatter in Oaxaca, Mexico is an example of the genre that Breder conceptualized as “aesthetic ethnography.” This term refers to processes and form which attempt to…

Cheri Mcelligott performance documentation.

Hans Breder

tlocolula (green)

2016 | 00:21:00

This is a later reworking of original video documenting the goings-on of the village, Tlocalula, Mexico in 1973. Uses footage from Oaxaca 2004 in the background.

Hans Breder


2015 | 00:44:00

Proposal for sidewalk projection in NYC using 7+7. Performed by Heidi Wiren Bartlett.

Interview with David Klemm, professor of modern religious thought.

Hans Breder


1980 | 00:05:00

Stavros Deligiorges watches a constantly changing mirror image and narrates his experience. His unscripted narration references “the seam” and the intercultural significance of symmetry.

Hans Breder


1974 | 00:20:00

Documentation of performance. Slow-motion dance move.

Hans Breder


2014 | 00:29:00

My TV Dictionary: The Drill (1986) translated through digital filtering in 2014.